About us
Floriculture, or flower farming, is a discipline of horticulture concerned with theĀ cultivationĀ of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for floristry, comprising the floral industry. The development plant breeding of new varieties is a major occupation of floriculturists. Flowers are mainly for export. This business is growing in the world at around 6-10 per cent per annum.

We at Gulzar Farms, spread crosswise, delivering finest Rose blossoms in the locale. Situated at Gauribidanur, 55 kms far from Bangalore airport. We, at Gulzar Farms, had some expertise in developing different sorts of roses of most elevated quality. Each rose is soul blooming in nature. Roses bring blesses the characteristics of those that see them, filling them in a split second with bliss and a feeling of stunningness. The Farm is maintained by qualified managers and supervisors. We have team of 45 workers who nurture our farm in an organized manner.

Rose is called as the 'Ruler of Flowers' and also 'Lord of Flowers' this demonstrates both royalty (Majesty, Status and Power) and queenliness (Beauty, Grace and Cultural refinement) are its innate qualities. No different blossoms outperform it for its magnificence, shading and aroma. This is the motivation behind why it is considered as all around most loved blossoms. Without roses greenery enclosures are not considered as entire. Gardens selective for roses have been made in different parts of kick the bucket world for indicating bite the dust regard to this blossom. Extraordinary differences in the plant development, shade of blossoms, bloom shape, aroma, moderate opening of blossoms and great Keeping quality made roses to so prevalent that it is developed financially to take care of the demand of cut sprouts. It is best positioning cut bloom in the blossom exchange on the premise of land, creation and utilization. In India roses are developed for cut blossoms, making fundamental oil, rose water and Gulkand.

Our way to deal with cultivating is totally in accordance with nature. Developed in 6 acres poly house, two cold rooms (25 ft*10ft and 20ft*18ft) and grading room (50ft*150 ft), our roses are excellent and incomparable in quality. We are presumed for the nature of our roses and in addition our devoted client benefits which is the consequence of a long-standing convention to guaranteeing just the absolute best for our clients. We as a capable association completely comprehend the significance of building a solid group and take most extreme care in giving best work air to our representatives. Our roses will take you near nature and welcome you with aroma of adoration and joy. And our buyers are from Delhi, Hyderabad and Saudi Arab.