Taj Mahal Rose

Taj Mahal Rose, as the name recommend is an assortment of rose with rich history The flower ponder with a one-meter-long stem and six-cm head has been made in Amudagondapalli, a minor town in south India. Taj Mahal is essentially excellent and will run the rose market for the following couple of years.
Gravity Rose
Gravity Roses are pink & green & usually available in the summer months. 50cm stem lengths this wholesale cut flower is wholesaled in 20 stem wraps. Gravity Roses are thick roses and with an illustrious look
Nobless Rose
Over all, Nobless Rose are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Colors range from light pink to peach to darker pink Our expertise lies in offering Fresh Light Pink Rose. Its blooms are indicative of sweetness and innocence  It is exceptionally beautiful and has refreshing fragrance. We offer Fresh Light Pink Rose that is widely demanded for adorning varied establishments owing to their aesthetic appeal.
Gold Strike Rose
A fresh yellow rose, Gold Strike opens fully into a striking star-shaped bloom. Its dark golden yellow color, large head size and high petal count make it an eye catcher in any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or flower arrangement. Our bulk Ecuadorian roses are shipped fresh in bud form at wholesale prices. Gold Strike Roses are cream yellow in shading with medium sprout estimate. It has a roundabout size of around 7 cm and tallness is around 4-5 cm.
Bonica Rose
A standout amongst the most prevalent roses on the planet, Bonica Roses are in market for just about 35 years now. Started in France, its pink in shading with a normal width of 4' to 6'. On a typical scale, it'll have around 40 petals. Expansive groups of 2 1/2" delicate treat pink, completely twofold sprouts are delivered on angling sticks secured with mid-green foliage. A stunning persistent sprouting bush rose ideal for mass planting, fences or example planting. Light tip pruning in the spring. Brilliant orange hips in the fall. The main bush rose to win the All-American Award champ.
Avalanche Rose
The Avalanche Rose was acquainted with the bloom advertises in the year 2000. High class flower specialists, botanical planners and demonstrators consider Avalanche a fundamental component in restrictive rose courses of action, showcases, bunches and scene adornment. Torrential slide Roses have a solid stem and are delegated with an extensive blowsy bloom head that dependably opens completely. With a high petal number, long vase life and lasting through the year accessibility it's no big surprise that the great Avalanche Rose is the decision of eminence and superstars.
Carpet Rose
The Carpet Rose are the world's #1 ground cover rose. Once established, they can provide up to 2,000 flowers from spring till fall. Carpet roses are also drought and low-water tolerant. These roses have a two-tier root system which allows their surface roots to use any available water near the surface and, once established, their tap roots seek out any lower level water in drought conditions.